Vi har problemer med opplastingen

Vi har oppdatert fra RapidWeaver 5 til RapidWeaver 6. Dette har medført store problemer for oss. Vi får ikke lenger lastet opp sidene våre. De jobber med problemet hos vår «hotellvert», Webhuset og hos programleverandøren, Realmac Software. Her er den siste meldingen fra Realmac Software. Mottatt 19-11-2014.

Hi Bjørn,
Really sorry for the support delays. We have been working on this and I managed to lose track of this thread.

We have an update coming out inside the next week (hopefully this week) with some adjustments and improvements (including the ability to set a maximum for the number of FTP upload threads in Preferences) which should really help, and then another update due out in 2 or 3 more weeks with more work on uploading (SFTP etc).

Hopefully this first one will make the difference for you.

with kind regards,